Saturday, July 15, 2006

Forgotten awareness of a place felt to be Home

Daniel Brian Holeman Born 8:41 PM Oct. 9, 1952, San Jose, California
Artistic talent combined with life-long exploration of consciousness and devotion to self-realization has given Daniel B. Holeman an ability to depict uplifting and profound sacred imagery. His inspirational paintings have a strong impact and an uncanny affect on people. Many are deeply touched emotionally – sometimes brought to tears - and describe his paintings as the most beautiful pictures they have ever seen.
Daniel feels it is not so much the beauty as the place it stirs in people that they are responding to. He invites the viewer to dive into a deeper dimension of consciousness while viewing his paintings. The imagery stirs forgotten awareness of a place felt to be HOME – a warm, familiar and heartfelt state of mind – a welcome contrast to the day-to-day world we live in. His work has been used on TV and videos, book and CD covers, magazines, prints, posters, cards and the internet. See some samples of published works here.
Self-taught techniques include oil on canvas with airbrush touchup. The mandala works are pen and ink on paper, and then colored on computer. Rather than appealing to select markets, such as "New Age" and "Spiritual", his work appeals to a good percentage of people in all categories - perhaps anyone who appreciates or longs for that heartfelt place - thus crossing race, social, gender, religious and ethnic boundaries.
His paintings and reproductions can be seen and purchased at the InnerSpace Gallery at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas. His Web Site,, is a special world to explore and enjoy - a Domain of Beauty, Insight, Transformation and Awakening. In addition to the artwork, Awaken Visions is a haven for truth seekers, consciousness explorers and all who know, don't know, or want to know what it's all about. For more information visit Spiritual Awakening. Born and raised in San Jose, Daniel currently resides in San Rafael, California and is working on a new series of inspiring abstract oil paintings.
Also see Awaken Truth Foundation Also see Daniel's Philosophy The intent of Daniel B. Holeman's artwork is to inspire people to find truth and self-realization.Daniel is also available to give talks, teachings and presentations about Awakening,Liberation as well as the artwork and what it is about. Inquire by email.

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