Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The beauties

‘…Others finished with reincarnations and of a different over all nature, may begin the long journey leading towards the vocation of a creator. On a much different plane this could be compared to geniuses in creative fields within your physical reality. Instead of paints words, musical notes, the creators begin to experiment with dimensions of actuality; imparting knowledge in as many forms as possible-and I do not mean physical forms. What you would call time is manipulated as an artist would manipulate pigment. What you would call space is gathered together in different ways. Art is created, then, using time for example, as a structure. In your terms time and space might be mixed. The beauties of various ages, the natural beauties, the paintings and buildings are all recreated as learning methods for these beginners. One of their main preoccupations is to create beauty that impinges itself in as many various dimensions of reality as possible..’ Session 547 by Jane Roberts
posted by Augustina at 1:03 PM Reflections on practise Sunday, July 23, 2006 sethart.blogspot.com Augustina Location: London, England, United Kingdom ( Sumari/Sumari-Intermediate ) Translations of intensities and primary cordella/archetypal complexes into Art forms. Integral art practise. Depth intimacies within relationships. Focuses further complicated by issues of beauty, sensuality, eros, ritualised sex and pathways of pleasure, beyond to other sensualities including pain but all encoded as Love expressing desire for the masculine. Aesthetics. Mythologies. Psychic structures. Symbolism. Lingistics and word origins.

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