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There is an art for each aspect of the grammar of being human

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To taste — smell — hear — see — touch — speak — move — write … are these not the essentials of being a human? And thus, the grammar of being human? Which form the foundation of being human, and give way to how we think and reason (the dialectic of being human) and how we choose to live our lives amidst all the choices and possibilities (the rhetoric of being human). There is an art for each aspect of the grammar of being human, is there not …
Of taste (cooking) — of smell (perfumery) — of hearing (music) — of sight (painting) — of touch (sculpture) — of speaking (poetry) — of moving (dance) — of writing (literature) … and cannot these, singularly or in combination, in small as well as large scale, in these or other similar names, account for every form of art we might imagine?
Architecture, for example, is the sense of touch (sculpture) writ large. Film, to take another, is a hybrid of sight (image) as well as hearing (music), moving (dance), and writing (literature). Theatre, the hybrid of speaking (poetry), moving (dance), and writing (literature).
Thus — is it difficult to understand that what we make into objects of art comes directly from what we’ve experienced in our life, as John Dewey suggested? Or, it is easy to see this? This entry was posted on Thursday, June 7th, 2007 at 3:47 pm and is filed under Art. About the Authors Great Quotes HomeThe WoodshedElegant Thorn ReviewThe Bookshelf

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