Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A stunning modern-day architectural conception

Matrimandir Meditation Centre
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Auroville, in the former French colony of Pondicherry, is an independent settlement inspired by the spiritual teachings of Sri Aurobindo. Intended to be an ideal city for spiritual seekers, it is steadily evolving according to the master plan drawn up by Mirra Alfassa, known for Aurovilians as the Mother, the Paris-born spiritual partner of Sri Aurobindo.
A stunning modern-day architectural conception, situated in an expansive landscaped area referred to as Peace, the meditation centre takes the form of a golden globe appearing to rise out of the earth as a symbol of spiritual consciousness. The centre takes its golden hue from cladding formed of stainless-steel discs coated with gold leaf.
There are no organized rites or symbols within this space to distract visitors from their thoughts or direct them toward a specific religion. The Matrimandir Meditation Centre was conceived simply as an embodiment of peace. In its remarkable meditation chamber, one can rethink one’s self – an experience truly worth having. Design and Culture Dance floor of design and culture

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