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Lalit Bhati, Adil Writer, and Auroson Bystrom

Adil Writer is a ceramic artist based out of Auroville, Pondicherry. Adil’s works exemplify a fearlessness to explore. Some of his pieces feature written text on textured clay bearing poetry, ruminations, lyrics & mantras in Sanskrit. Posted by MASALA CHAI at 10:10 PM Labels:


Auroville is an under-construction town from south India that plans to create a harmonious way of life for all its inhabitants. Lalit Bhati is an urban planner, an architect and resident of Auroville, and will be presenting the project at the Ecocity World Summit. The Auroville site states that the ultimate purpose of this city is “to realise human unity”, and to be a town where “men and women of all countries are able to live in peace and progressive harmony above all creeds, all politics and all nationalities”. ( dátum: 12:30 Címkék: ,


Auroson Bystrom- furniture design
Dear Shaded Viewers,
Designer Auroson Bystrom is an anomaly. The Indian Born 37 year old of Swedish descent integrates not only his complex surroundings of India but melds them with his sense of minimalism which comes from his Northern European routes.

Bystrom was raised in Auroville, India. For Bystrom opposites play a role constantly pushing against one another to create an integrated baseline– his work is an ordering of chaos, an emission, a message and ultimately manifest aesthetic. “There is an elemental language in the stone, wood and metals. The process is the transformation into a new language of form.” states Bystrom.

His first piece was a commissioned series of stone and wood. This quickly led to international attention in key magazines such as Elle Décor and i-D as well as sold out gallery shows in his native country and abroad. Press: Peoples Revolution Later, Diane Posted by Diane Pernet at 02:00 PM Permalink

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