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Global symbol for the promotion of utilizing rainwater

Current Program
How can we use design to respond to and address issues related to our natural or social environments? 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT is dedicated to addressing themes that are rooted in everyday life. In keeping with this, we are pleased to announce the title of our second major exhibition, water.
“water” image : Tamotsu Fujii 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT director and graphic designer Taku Satoh will “curate” the exhibition. Mr. Satoh has put together a team of experts from a wide variety of fields including anthropology, photography, lighting design, and design engineering. The water project is a result of extensive research and is comprised not only by an exhibition, but is also an attempt to engage the five senses by creating different points of reference between design and water. The latter will be in the form of publications, websites, talk shows, and workshops. Our hope is that the exhibition will not just be a display of new design, but rather will be an experiment in ways to "expressing water through design."
“water” image visual (Mauritania) PHOTO : Tamotsu Fujii
Director's Statement Taku Satoh
Statement by exhibition concept supervisor Shinichi Takemura
DATE: 2007.10.5 (FRI) – 2008.1.14 (MON)
TIME: 11:00~20:00(Entrance until 19:30)
CLOSED: Tuesdays (Except Oct. 30th) and Dec 30th through Jan 3rd
ADMISSION: General ¥1,000/ University student ¥800/ High and Junior high school student ¥500/Ages 12 and under may enter for free*¥200 discount for a group of over 15 people
In Association with: Agency for Cultural Affairs/ Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry/ Ministry of the Environment (scheduled)
Special Cooperation: Taku Satoh Design Office Inc.
Creative Directors: Miyake Issey, Taku Satoh, Naoto Fukasawa
Noriko Associate Director: Noriko Kawakami
[Creative team]
Taku Satoh Graphic designer, Exhibition Director
Shinichi Takemura Cultural anthropologist, Concept Supervisor
Kazutoshi Amano Graphic designer
Arakawakensuke Interactive Media Designer
Tamotsu Fujii Photographer
Hiroaki Ide Sound Space Composer
Haruki Kaito Lighting designer
takram Design engineers
[Special Participants]
Kenya Hara Graphic designer
Yasuhiro Ishimoto Photographer
Yoshihiro Kawasaki Sound artist/designer
METAPHOR Design engineers
Nozomu Miura Programmer
Makoto Murase (“Dr. Rainwater”) & the NPO People for Rainwater
Taikan Oki Hydrologist *Alphabetical order back to page top
About the exhibition logo – by Taku Satoh
“water” Logo The silhouette of a man holding an upside-down umbrella.This symbol, the logo for the water exhibition, was also designed in the hopes that it will become a global symbol for the promotion of utilizing rainwater as a means of conserving and enhancing our natural resources.
One of the biggest issues facing us all today is how to effectively harness and benefit from rainwater. True, rain, when it falls torrentially and leads to disasters can threaten our livelihoods. But if we can find ways to use it we will not be forced to rely solely on groundwater or water from polluted waterways or water that's pumped horizontally from faraway dams that uses precious energy. Rather, we will be able to use "vertical" water that flows freely from the sky above. Thinking about how we can make the best use of water means thinking about design in the 21st century. The silhouette of a person holding a common umbrella upside down signifies the relationship between water and human ingenuity, but also symbolizes a drastic change that must take place in our way of thinking about the manner in which we treat the environment.
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Related Events
In conjunction with this show, the Aoyama Book Center will hold a water-related book fair and talk series. Details to be announced.
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Exhibition catalogue
Planned release: early November 2007 Text in Japanese and English
Related publication: water (provisional title) Planned release: October 5, 2007 Publisher: World Photo Press Co., Ltd.
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