Sunday, October 22, 2006

Harmony and rhythm, contrast and theme

07 May 2006 Why is Kathryn Stats so successful as an artist FOR FURTHER INFORMATION ABOUT KATHRYN STATS
Kathryn writes "I think a good painting is like a good musical composition." Kathryn states, "It has harmony and rhythm, contrast and theme, sometimes even soloists. Those elements rarely just occur in a natural landscape. I find that I emphasize with detail and color, omit some things, mute others, even rearrange elements to create a composition that conveys my visual experience, my joy, to the viewer. It is this challenge that keeps me painting."
I think the important issues for us to consider, are Kathryn's strategies to achieve a high quality, marketable product. If you do not have a good product, the best of business plans, alone will not necessarily contribute to business success. What can we understand about Kathryn Stat's SCA (sustainable competetive advantage), based on her paintings? What is that in the eyes of her clients may be unique about all of her paintings. And what are the creative strategies she appears to have adopted to achieve this uniqueness? My own view, based on Kathryn's art and web page information is...posted by Bob Abrahams at 5/07/2006 01:55:00 PM 3 comments

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