Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Integral Artist

Original Gravity by ebuddha on Wed 17 Aug 2005 04:44 PM PDT Permanent Link
It's now near the end of my workday, I was playing around with a couple of other new Yahoo beta tools - and I came across this site called Original Gravity. It's pretty interesting - dating from the 1980's, a collection of writing, thoughts on art, on design, photography, all based around a type of integral philosophy. Funny enough, it reminded me a bit of our intrepid budding integral artist Dan Allison's site - although this may just be the open mouth visual thing. Still, a fascinating site, really.
Almost like the "O.G" Integral Artist - a little respect y'all! Who WOULD be the O.G. integral artist? With a consciously aware philosophy of art that includes mind-body-spirit? I mean, you could go back to DaVinci, of course - that monster of mind, art and philosophy. But that would be too far back, and doesn't consciously include an integral perspective. You would have to start from after Aurobindo or Teilhard de Chardin. Any thoughts?

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