Saturday, December 10, 2005

Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom

DINANATH PATHY, a practising painter and pioneer of the Orissan Contemporary Art Movement, art historian and creative writer. Studied in Orissa and Santiniketan. Several books on classical murals and paintings of Orissa (1994/96). Presently Director, Alice Boner Institute, Varanasi. Collection Home Music New Arrivals
  • The Temple of Jagannatha - Architecture, Sculpture, Painting and Ritual This publication for the first time focuses on a local art tradition in Orissa, vividly documented and substantiated with visuals.
  • Let A Thousand Flowers Bloom : Contemporary Art of Orissan traces the evolution of art from the nineteenth century up to the last decade of the twentieth century. It focuses on a continuing tradition and its gradual transformation into an international art mode reflecting in it the cotemporary nuances and aspirations.
  • Murals for Goddesses and Gods This monograph Murals for Goddesses and Gods is a magnificent document of India’s ritual painting, based on systematic study of the osakothi (osa penance, kothi sacred space) murals of Orissa

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